Genre Fluid

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry/Stage script

Title: Genre Fluid

Author: Dan Webber

Cover Design: Brett Maskill-Watts

Format: Paperback

Price: £8.99

Dan was awarded a grant from The ERDF Big House project in Derby to fund production of this book. We worked together to find the best format to showcase the way in which Dan's show incorporates monologue, poetry and a Power Point presentation! We came up with a script version of his show, with illustrations of the slides alongside the poems and text.

Having produced two spoken word shows to date, Genre Fluid is the culmination of three years of writing, touring and performing at various events and festivals across the country. Being constantly told you are a comic at poetry nights and a poet at comedy nights can be very confusing, as is the constant pressure to define yourself and your work. Genre Fluid is a study into labels in everyday life, in the arts and the LGBT+ community.

You can find out more about Dan and his work here.