Madder Than We Look is an anthology of writing which gives an insight into a world often locked inside our heads. With poems selected by the Write Minds team with poet Joelle Taylor, edited by Hayley Green, founder of Write Minds. Hayley set up Write Minds to support those affected by self-harm, suicide and mental health difficulties, to express themselves through creative writing and the arts. £7.50 inc p&p

Denim & Leather - There is scarcely a poet in Nottingham who hasn’t met or at least heard, of Frank, founder of Nottingham's DIY Poets. This collection brings together poems to give us an insight into what makes him tick. It was an absolute privilege for Big White Shed to be trusted with his work and to put onto the page what he delivers on the stage. £6.00

Genre Fluid - Being constantly told you are a comic at a poetry night and a poet at a comedy night can be very confusing.Dan Webber's stage show is the culmination of 3 years of writing, touring and performing, a study into labels in everyday life, in the arts and the LGBT+ community. £8.99

Poems Out of School - What happens when you let a poet through the door? Poetry of course. Rise Learning Zone Anne Holloway back for another year and this books contains the writing produced during sessions with learners. £6.99

Light The Blue Touch Paper - a woman's adventures at sea. In January 1998 Philippa left a cold and grey Manchester and flew to the Caribbean to spend a week in the Grenadine Islands celebrating her 51st birthday with a friend in Palm Island. During the week, they went to Union Island to hear the local steel band. Sitting at the bar she noticed the small sail boats bobbing around at anchor in the bay and wondered what it would be like to live on one and sail around the Caribbean.                                              £9.99

There Are No Photographs is the first poetry collection from Anne Holloway. A collection of fragments, curios & relics, keepsakes & memories, made into stories. £8.99 + p&p


"A book that contains the growth and grit of life with great beauty" Roger Robinson

Some Poets from the Big White Shed 2017

A collection of poetry performed at our event as part of Nottingham Poetry Festival in April 2017 featuring poems from 15 poets. £7.00 inc p&p

Loves Burn a poetry collection by Kevin Jackson. A book that sets out its stall on love with a patient probing, a tender curiosity that seems to place the narrator in that place where poetry uniquely exists - on the edge.

£8.00 + p&p

Korakas by Anne Holloway. Set on the island of Crete. A story of love, revenge, control and being an outsider. £7.99 + p&p

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I Can Still See The Sky by Maresa MacKeith.

Poems that ecourage the reader to slow down and tune into the world rather than speed through it.

The One About... is a book of poetry written by Akor Opaluwah in a specific style. It leads the readers through a journey, noticing small occurences helping them find beauty, connections and links.


Waiting At Bloomsbury Park  by Casey Bailey is a collection of poems that explores  the experiences of growing up in an unerpriveleged inner city setting, told from perspective of somebody who has lived it, seen it, done it, and grown up from it. £7.00 + p&p

To See The Moon a poetry collection by Hazel Warren. Gentle, powerful. sensual poems that get under your skin and stay there. £6.99 + p&p

Salt Flow is Trevor Wrights's second poetry collection. His poetry is bruied and brave music, and if justice is to be done, should be housed in bookshops under Soul.