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Big White Shed opened its doors in 2015 to support the completion of projects by helping find those missing 'bits' needed for a successful outcome. 


Initially an idea brought about by the frustration of finding a publisher for her novel, founder Anne Holloway decided to do it herself! Tired of waiting for someone to publish her book and spurred on by positive comments from those who had read it, and the success of other authors who had taken control for themselves, she decided to do the same and set up a small press.


Drawing on contacts made over the years, she managed the production of the novel from editing, designing, print sourcing and type setting through to marketing and managing sales. She had to buy in services, trade expertise, ask favours, and more importantly than that, was propelled forward by the belief of others in what she was doing.


The success of the project made her determined to support others in 'doing it themselves'. As well as first hand experience of small-scale publishing, she has expertise in coaching and mentoring, writing, editing, performing, teaching and sales management. She has a strong track record in the retail and entertainments industries, has set up and run small organisations, was co-director of East Midlands poetry collective Mouthy Poets for 6 years, Creative Director of Nottingham Poetry Festival in 2021 and 2022 and writes and performs her own work. You can find out more about her on her website.


Big White Shed is a place to seek advice and tools, trade expertise and ideas in order to complete a creative project - a virtual meeting place for people who want to get a job done and the people who can help achieve that. In the shed, we will think through what you have in mind, and help make it a reality. Big White Shed acts as an enabling partner.

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