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Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Boy

Author: Jim Hall

Cover Design: Richard Heaven

Format: Paperback

Price: £5.00

Jim had already produced a zine-style pamphlet of poetry and decided he wanted to put together a short collection of poems. He provided a fully edited manuscript, which he had worked on with his peers and mentors. We worked with him on the style and layout of the book, charged for type set, copy edit and proof. Jim negotiated the design fee with Richard.

Jim launched his collection at Poetry Is Dead Good, a monthly spoken word night, hosted at Jam Cafe, Hockley, Nottingham. You can buy his books directly from him here. Boy is £5.00 + postage.

"Working with Anne at Big White Shed to make Boy a thing outside of my head was like walking into a party with a friend who knew when to push you into the dance circle & pull you onto your last bus home. Like a kind face showing up with extra bricks for the house you were struggling to finish building. Like having someone tell you the truth about what you cared about because they cared enough about it to do so themselves. 

The whole time I wrestled Boy into existence, it felt like someone else was offering a pair of arms to help me to hold it still. That same someone made sure, before Boy could show its urgent face to the world, it would be looking not just presentable, but the best it possibly could. All hail Big White Shed."

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