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Middle Ground

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry - anthology

Title: Middle Ground

Format: Paperback

Price: not for resale



We were approached by Deborah Stevenson, founder of Mouthy Poets collective in Nottingham. She had been a visiting poet working in a Chicago school. The Poetry Foundation funded a project to link the Chicago school with a school in Nottingham. She taught both sets of sudents, in person and via Google hangouts and supported them in generating material to put together an anthology of work. Big White Shed worked with Nottingham's Mud Press to produce the anthology. 

We were lucky enough to meet the students and their teacher, Jane Bluett of Bilborough College in Nottingham when we delivered the book to them. Although we did not meet the students of Team Englewood Academy HIgh School we had the privilege of meeting their teacher Melissa Hughes. 

The Poetry Foundation stipulated that the book would not be for resale, but free to students, friends and family.

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