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Alphabet Spaghetti

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Alphabet Spaghetti

Author: Stephen Thomas

Cover Design & Artwork: Richard Heaven

Format: Paperback

Price £6.99

Stephen Thomas approached us to put together his collection of poetry having seen the publications we had produced so far. His collection was to be an alphabetical journey from A to Z. We suggested a picture book where each letter would be faced with the appropriate poem. The ideal person to work on this with us was Richard Heaven, we knew he had the skill and humour to provide illustrated versions of particular letters. Stephen was so impressed with the designs Rich came up with and Rich was enjoying the work he was doing too - so they decided to produce an illustration for every single poem. 

Stephen paid Richard for his time and since Richard was working on the illustarions in tandem with the text, it made sense for him to do the type-setting too.

Anne project managed and liased between all concerned, charging for editing time, proofing and project management. She off-set some of the cost for future services from Stephen who is a spreadsheet whizz-kid by day.


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