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Matters of Life and Death

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Matters of Life and Death

Author: Keith Ford

Cover Design: Lily Ford 

Format: Paperback

Price: £8.00 (inc postage)

Matters of Life and Death is a sensitive and funny book of poetry about Life... and Death, whichever way you look at it! Start with one, flip it up and turn it over to read the other side! 

Keith Ford was born and bred in South Shields, refined and defined in Nottingham. He is the non-musical half of the acoustic duo Mr Ford and Mr Gibbs, the non-hip-hopping half of the Dad Rap duo Geordie Genes.


His glass in life remains very much half-full whilst his nights they runneth over. In the face of death, his glass is not only half-empty but has a trace of lipstick contains only non-alcoholic nonsense, having swapped one demon for the devil that is poetry.


He has been left holding the bonny baby that is Speech Therapy, Nottingham's longest active, furthest reaching, warmest of welcomes spoken word night. Some of these poems you might have heard there!

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