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Crone Chronicles

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Crone Chronicles

Author: Sue Allen, Laura Grevel, Clare Stewart

Cover Illustration: Clare Stewart

Format: Paperback

Price: £7.50

Crone COVER for web_edited.jpg

Three Nottingham-based friends, self-identifying crones, explore the experience of older women through poetry. Sue, Laura and Clare met through DIY Poets, and are active performance poets, with a number of publications to their names and have appeared in numerous poetry festivals around the country. They are all involved in running Women Write at Nottingham Women’s Centre.

The manuscript had been through a full edit so all that was required was a copy edit, typeset, and Clare provided an illustration for the cover.

The Crone Chronicles is an unflinching and glorious collection of poetry, celebrating the beauty of womanhood in the third age. These poems don’t shy away from the tough stuff, and each poet offers a unique perspective on ageing, love, travel, guilt and family. Although the poems are deeply personal, everyone can find something meaningful here. A fantastic collaboration!
                                   Leanne Moden - Poet & Educator

This collection from three very different voices is a riotous explosion of life, emotion, learned wisdom and above all colour. These poems cross continents, grieve, rebel, speak loudly of the importance of the wisdom of the crone.

        Lytisha Tunbridge - Writer, Producer & Publisher

With so much focus on the maidens and mothers of society, we often fail to celebrate the crones in our lives. Sue, Laura and Clare are some of the most hardworking poets on Nottingham’s poetry scene. This collection sees three powerhouses coming together to combine tenderness, humour and all the things that make poetry shine. It’s true what they say (whoever they are?!) , three really is the magic number.

                                                                                                                             Sophie Sparham - Poet

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