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A Poet Lives Here

Project Type: Publication/Installation

Genre: Poetry

Title: A Poet Lives Here

Author: Anne Holloway

Format: Paperback

Price: £6.00 + p&p

A Poet Lives Here_edited.jpg
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When Lockdown came in 2020 I grabbed a tin of blackboard paint from under the sink and painted the side of my 'shed'. This shed is the Big White Shed, at the bottom of a hill in clear view of anyone driving or walking down the hill. In an attempt to continue connecting with people through words I wrote a poem every day or so on the chalkboard and shared a photograph on Instagram.

To my surprise people responded by sharing photographs of the poems on the shed taken as they walked past on their '1 hour exercise' and also sent me poems to write up on the board. The sense of being connected spurred me on to keep writing.

The black board needed repainting every few weeks, and I didn't write a poem every single day, just as a topic popped into my head. The visual nature of what I was doing - writing on the board and posting to Instagram, was crying out for a book.

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