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Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Breakdown

Author: Chris McLoughlin

Cover Design: Richard Heaven

Photographic image: Samuel Hodgson

Format: Paperback

Price: £3.00

Chris approached us to put together this mini collection of his work. He felt that he needed to let go of his earlier poems before he could really launch into his new collection. The book gathers some of the poems he has performed during the past two years and allows him to share these with his audience, before moving onto new ground. He knew he could not approach major poetry publishers without some kind of publishing record and he sees this pamphlet, together with submissions to journals and magazines as a stepping stone towards his goals as a poet.

The poems had been edited along the way by Chris's peers in the poetry world and Anne worked with him on fine tuning, layout and design of the book in exchange for his editing support on her work. Big White Shed charged for type set, prooofing and print management. 

Chris had a precise vision for the cover and friend Sam Hodgson took the photograph and worked with Chris on achieving the desired effect. Chris paid Richard Heaven to produce the cover design using the final image.

Chris hosted the launch at The Lord Roberts Pub in Hockley, Nottingham. It took the form of a poetry writing workshop followed by a show in which he performed key poems from the collection along with fellow poets Deborah Stevenson, Hayley Green and Anne Holloway. 

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