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Project type: Publication

Genre: Novel

Title: Korakas

Author: Anne Holloway

Cover design and art work: Robert Lever

Format: Paperback

Price: £7.99 + p&p

the book cover shows a raven in flight, with a red heart in front,  on a background of blue and white shards with sun motif in yellow and two yellow stylized figures falling

The novel started life as an MA dissertation. Anne project managed, type set and edited, paid for a professional edit via a contact from her MA studies (negotiated mates-rates). Robert Lever provided art work and cover design for free and an ex-colleague tweaked the cover files.

The book launch was co-ordinated by the Big White Shed team lead by Jo Rowland, complete with crow themed cupcakes and balloons, Korakas signage and projections, with support from a team of friends and family. Hosted at The Peacock Pub, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, a former haunt of Byron and Lawrence.

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