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Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry 

Title: PleasureLand

Author: Umbilica

Cover Artwork & Layout: Danielle Ross, Gutsprung Draws
Front Cover Design: Umbilica, Maria Machin, Danielle Ross
Back Cover Portrait: Todd Jerm

Format: Paperback

Price: £5.00 + p&p

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Uncovering identity and exploring connectedness, these poems expose the hurt and pleasure of loving a child, a parent, a partner. Umbilica aka Jo Lewis brought us a carefully edited collection of poems. We worked together on the design of the book, paying attention to the paper, font style and dimensions of the book and formatting the final cover files. It really is a beautiful little book. 

Jo worked on the cover design with Danielle Ross of Gutsprung Draws - the cover illustration was a collaboration between Jo, Danielle and Maria Machin, with a portrait of Jo on the back by Todd Jerm.

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