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Project Type: Publication

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Title: EarthHeart

Author: Hannah Fries

Cover Artwork: Tijana Lukovic

Cover design: Raphael Achache

Format: Paperback

Price: £8.99 + p&p

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“Wow a really captivating story, really, really powerful”

   Glennie Kindred 

1 beech leaf.png

  “This is a story to give hope to all our children faced with the very possible futures we are already encountering”

  Rachel Richards 

Hannah had worked on the manuscript considerably before contacting us - we worked together to refine it, making a few suggestions, editing certain passages. We took our time on this project, Hannah had a specific vision for the book in terms of its size, style and layout as it is aimed at a specific readership and leaf motifs throughout the text to signify a change in mood or time. We're all really happy with the the final result.

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El was an ordinary girl from a normal school in an average town, until, one day a flood destroyed everything.

Now she has nothing, except the clothes she's wearing and a determination to stay alive.


In the forest, El finds a group of friends. It could be a new start for her, or the beginning of a dangerous journey.

Either way, she's never been tested like this before. What will it take to survive?

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