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Slam Cabaret

Project Type: Event

Genre: Entertainment

Creators: Anne Holloway & Chris McLoughlin

Producer: Anne Holloway

Music: Chris & Cate McLoughli

hannah pic.jpg

Hosted by 'That Welsh Woman' Slam Cabaret was dreamed up by Anne Holloway, Chris McLoughlin and Rob Lever. A cross between cabaret and music hall, with a dash of a poetry slam thrown in, contestants compete for a coveted trophy! Audience members are asked to act as judges and score each act, after a nail biting vote-count the winner is revealed.

An opportunity for artists to try out new acts, a platform for poets, musicians, singers, magicians - generally a bit of fun. 

We had to find a suitable venue - in this case The Old Angel in Nottingham where we were offered the space free as if the event was mid-week. Tech guy came with the space!

We recruited performers, a time keeper, door staff and a score-keeper. Slam Cabaret is an entertainment model that could be rolled out anywhere. 

You can find out more here.

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