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Riding The Sensory-Sonic Slide

Project type: Publication

Genre: Anthology of writing

Title: Riding The Sensory-Sonic Slide

Edited: Amy Neilson Smith

Format: Paperback

Price: 10.00 + p&p


A remarkable book of Poems by the students of Park Lane Special School, edited by Amy Neilson Smith, resident poet and sensory poetry educator.

This was a quick-fire project! Amy Neilson had been working with the students of Park Lane school and put a call out for a publisher who could create a book to showcase the talents of these remarkable students... by the end of the summer term! Amy provided the manuscript and we worked speedily to tweak it as new work came through. She designed the text to illustrate the way the students spoke about the various topics, exploring all their senses and having fun along the way. 

We asked Imprint Digital in Devon if they could get this printed and delivered in time for the launch and they pulled out all the stops to make it happen.

Amy is Creative Director of 'A Blind Bit of Difference' who run Inclusive Arts Sensory Workshops in disabled and non-disabled schools.

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