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Waiting at Bloomsbury Park

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Waiting at Bloomsbury Park

Author: Casey Bailey

Cover Design: Kerri Bailey

Format: Paperback

Price: £7.00

Casey is a poet and rapper from Birmingham who had been looking to publish a collection of poetry. He came across us via local literature development organisation Writing East Midlands. We had hosted a panel on Indie Publishing at their 2017 conference in Nottingham.

We had a meeting at Birmingham Central in a Costa Coffee and discussed what he was hoping to achieve with this first collection of poems. We knew he had a readership ready and waiting as he has a strong profile in the West Midlands. 

Casey had been working on the poems with two editors, Amerah Saleh and Paul Bell-Stoddart, so we provided a brief polishing edit, typesetting and proofing. His wife Kerri, who is an artist, worked on the cover and provided us with the final files. Casey forward-sold his book via a Crowdfunder campaign and raised a collosal £850 in a matter of days.

Casey launched his collection at Waterstones in Birmingham.

You can find out more about him here

"When I found the Big White Shed website, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with Anne. Going through the process, only served to prove how right I was. She was easy to stay in touch with, and by the time the book was ready to publish, the relationship was not just professional but personal.

Anne guided me through the process, asking me all the questions that I needed to make sure that the quality of the book was as good as it could be, and helping me achieve a high quality finished project."

                                                         "Anne Holloway - you are a Boss!"

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