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Outsider Heart

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry

Title: Outsider Heart

Author: Trevor Wright

Cover Design: Richard Heaven

Original Artwork: Megan Hart

Format: Paperback

Price: £5.00


We often bumped into Trevor at poetry gigs in Nottingham and one night asked if he had ever thought about publishing a collection. He said he didn't think many would buy it, but that a few weeks earlier a family at a DIY Poets gig in Southwell had asked if he had a book they could buy after a reading.

Having planted the seed... we waited... Trevor returned with a draft of a collection, developed in workshops, open mic nights and critique groups, then shaped by former Fenlands Poet Laureate, Leanne Moden. We did a final edit, type set and proof of the book and liaised with Richard Heaven over the cover design. Trevor had asked his niece Megan Hart for an illustration as he admired her work, and we incorporated this in the final cover design which also links the cover to the opening poem Under a Tree.  

Outsider pic.jpg

Anne discounted her typesetting costs in exchange for some hard labour...

Trevor has a big old estate car and she needed a pile of paving stones shifting.


What Trevor calls a collaborative wonderment was born and we had to run a reprint after nine weeks.

"I liked the one about walls around hearts, which showed real technical knowledge"

                   Civil Engineer, Manchester

"Carefully chosen words, that don't need to shout, but conjure the truth of it"

             Henry Normal, Poet, TV/Film Producer

"I read your book and I thought it was cool"

                                   Daughter's Bestie

A description of how the collection came about and the positive nature of the project can be found in this interview with the Nottingham Writers Studio from December 2016.  Trevor has had several readings to promote his book, in Nottingham and Derby with a launch at Poetry Is Dead Good, Jam Cafe, Nottingham. You can buy his book from him at DIY Poets or Speech Therapy in Nottingham, Wordwise in Derby and he will be appearing at the Nottingham Poetry Festival April 21st - 30th. Alternatively you can buy one for £6.75 inc p&p by emailing him                                                      

                                      He Tweets 'on sin, redemption and death' @raggedlycrad

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