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Debut young adult fiction novel 

by Hannah Fries


Hannah Fries brings us the story of El, a young woman determined to find her brothers when they are separated after a devastating storm that changes the landscape for ever.

Inspired by conversations around climate change, and the passion of young people to raise awareness about our planet. 

“They aren’t coming you know,” said Finn, as if reading my mind.

“The rescuers… they aren't coming..."


El was an ordinary girl from a normal school in an average town until one day, a flood destroyed everything. Now she has nothing, except the clothes she's wearing and a determination to stay alive.

In the forest, El finds a group of friends. It could be a new start for her, or the beginning of a dangerous journey. Either way, she's never been tested like this before. What will it take to survive?

"Wow! a really captivating story, really really powerful…"

Glennie Kindred, author Walking with Trees

"This is a story to give hope to all our children faced with the very possible futures we are already encountering. When I had finished reading I just wanted to stay with them!"

Rachel Richards, The Wild Orchard

If you would like to pre-order a copy please contact us via our contact form

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