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Random Trail

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry 

Title: Random Trail

Author: Vron McIntyre

Cover Design: Richard Heaven

Cover Image: Textile by Vron McIntyre

Format: Paperback

Price: £7.00 + p&p

Front Cover RandonTrail

Vron McIntyre is a Nottingham-based queer disabled poet, an "adventurer without a plan" who has in former lives been an activist, a peace camper, a diy editor and publisher, and even had a proper job for a while.


Random Trail is a collection of poems touching on diverse themes including family, magic, science, nature, humour and randomness where you will encounter turnips, netball hoops, deep time, caves, architecture, hills and mohair.


Vron is an active member of the poetry community and the poems in this collection had been edited and worked on with a few trusted poets. We worked through a final edit and order to produce the final manuscript.


Cover design was by Richard Heaven based on a textile by Vron.

The book will be launched online in March 2022

There is a lively curiosity springing from this collection, full of vibrant language and a wealth of colourful images. Vron is a poet who really knows how to draw us into her 'adventures without a plan'. There is a thirst for learning throughout, for patterns, for finding where science ends and magic begins, for discovering the root of things. 

Cathy Grindrod 

A voice that is concerned with quiet noticings. These poems find patterns in the personal, in the political, in landscape - spinning threads from small details and knitting them together.

Joshua Judson

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