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If you feel 'stuck' in your business, personal or professional life, we can arrange1-1 or group coaching to support you in finding ways to get free and move forward. 



Organisation building, team restructuring, skills auditing, advice on career progression or simply a place to sound out your dreams and plans in absoulte confidence.

writing and editing

Share your work at any stage of development, for feedback, editing, critical appraisal, or a straightforward edit and proof to prep for publishing.


Find professionals to show you how to Do It Yourself in groups or 1-1.



Advice on peformance skills for new, emerging or established performers. Hook up with your peers, connect with available courses.


event organising

Tap into our network of 'people who organise' for advice and consultation or ask them to do it for you.


Find out how to be published by Big White Shed, hand it all over to us or put together your own package to support the areas where you need help. Editing, proofing, type setting, print management.

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