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Project Type: Publication

Genre: poetry

Title: RACE: Rebelling Against Crimes & Exploitation

Author: Various

Editor: Jay Sandhu

Cover Design: Raphael Achache

Format: Paperback

Price: £12 +  p&p 



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This collection of voices, stories and perspectives speaks about racism, politics, history and women's rights. The collection set out to shine a light on issues in a way that may not have previously been considered and become an educational journey to improve knowledge and help shape the next generation.

RACE front cover.jpg

A project driven by Nottingham-based Jay Sandhu - comedian, writer and poet. His poetry and comedy focus on race and culture. Jay worked tirelessly to bring this book to life, from collecting the poems from a variety of poets, editing them and liaising with us, and designer Raph, over the layout and design.

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