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Choose your Own Mediocre

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Poetry/Fiction

Title: Choose Your Own Mediocre

Author: Thom Seddon

Cover Design:

Format: Paperback

Price: £12.00

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This is a brand  new collection from Thom Seddon, a little bit of everything from comedic poetry to gritty prose. We have worked with Thom on our project Drag Me Up, as well as other publishing projects, so it was a pleasure supporting him in producing this book.

Thom's manuscript was well edited but we worked with him on a final edit and the ordering of the collection. We discussed all aspects of design, layout, font, paper stock etc. Thom had a very clear vision for the book as it is an homage to the 'choose your own...' series. With cover illustration by Scarlet Graves, the cover design was completed by James Faulkner. 

The launch was held via Zoom with special guests in attendance.

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