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writing at risk

Project Type: Publication

Genre: Lyric essay

Title: writing at risk

Author: Vron McIntyre

Cover Design: Richard Heaven

Format: Paperback

Price: £7.00 

writing at risk: A Lyric Essay combines poetry, memoir, essay with references, and impassioned rant to address questions about daring to write our unvarnished truths and how much we need to do so. With reflections on writing honestly, fat liberation, feminist activism, lesbian community, magic and spirituality. First published in 1993, this update includes an introduction putting it in present day context, and a glossary. Contains some strong language.

Writing at risk front cover.jpg

As a piece of history, a way to chart how queer activism has progressed, where it’s come from, it would be remarkable enough, but its core strength and tragedy is how relevant this piece still is. We’re still beset by fatphobia; still willing women, nonbinary, and trans folk to be silent to ensure the thin, the cishet, the abled, all feel more comfortable. A thirty-year-old vocabulary murmurs and roars about accessibility and systemic gaslighting of marginalised voices, while telling us: look at the joy-in-difference you’re missing!


This remarkable work pulls no punches about sexuality, carnality, inequity, and what it feels to be part of an out-group in an out-group, and also reminds us that there is abundant satisfaction to be had in loudly proclaiming kinship with others, with our own bodies, and with the earth that shares our material presence, the song that echoes in our atoms, the dance that never stops. Immensely readable, horribly relevant, this is the kind of piece that can help us chart our progression, if we’re strong enough to grasp it.                                                                                                        


Fay Roberts

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